Fantasia Barrino Explains Why She’s Thanking God After Suicide Attempt

Even though Fantasia Barrino’s powerful testimony is peppered with a public suicide attempt, she has no regrets because of God’s hand on her life.

“I can thank God for those times because being here at the age of 32 making it through so much, I feel like it was a part of my journey,” Barrino said of the matter in an XOnecole report. “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t meet someone – young, old, black, white, female, male – that comes up to me and wants me to talk and encourage them. God allowed me to go through certain storms and certain tests to have a testimony and share it to help somebody else along the way.”

Although the singer received support from famous faces like Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle, the former “American Idol” winner attempted to explain just how badly she was once hurting.

“That’s a feeling I would never be able to explain because words cannot explain how lonely and how hurt I was. I came off of Idol taking care of my whole entire family, so I went through a lot of dark times,” she said. “It was almost like being in a glass box where everybody could see me but I couldn’t get out of that box. Everyone just wanted to talk about it, but not many people were stepping up and saying, ‘Hey, I wanna reach out.'”

Looking back at some of the trials she has had to endure, Barrino now realizes why she had to do so.

“I realize in life that we must go through things and understand that everything we go through is necessary,” she said. “It was necessary for me to go through it in order for me to do my music and do what I do on the stage.”

Barrino has been vocal about her Christian faith for some time and previously spoke about God having a plan for her life.

“God put me here for a reason,” Barrino told “Access Hollywood” in 2013. “When you look on TV or turn on the radio or all the newspapers and the magazines, it was always something negative, and no matter how many things I did that were positive that never came out, so that was the hardest for me at that time. Now I really don’t care anymore.”

Barrino recently released her fifth studio “I Made It,” a song from her new album The Definition Of, which she created after overcoming some trying experiences.

Barrino debuted her new album last month which she believes is a reflection of her ministry. For the singer, creating music helps her minister to women.

“Truly, I think my ministry is women. Broken women and young mothers – encouraging them,” she told Essence. “I want to also encourage them by saying, ‘look, you guys. Love is there. It’s out there and there’s somebody for everybody.'”


Hear Lecrae’s new collab with Lindsey Stirling and Rivers Cuomo of Weezer

In one of the biggest collaborations of Lecrae’s career, Lindsey Stirling, whose YouTube videos total over 1.4 billion views, featured him and Rivers Cuomo, lead vocalist of the legendary rock band Weezer, on the song “Don’t Let This Feeling Fade” from her new album Brave Enough this month.

“I wrote this album while I was searching for the courage to be vulnerable,” Stirling said. “I wanted to tear down the walls I’d built around my heart and each song represents a step of my journey.”

Brave Enough debuted this week at No. 5 on the Billboard 200.

Buy “Don’t Let This Feeling Fade” on iTunes.


Stirling tells the story behind the song in the video below.



Propaganda and Sho Baraka Announce Spotlight Tour

Humble Beast just announced that Sho Baraka and Propaganda are headed out on tour together to have a politics & protest spotlight conversation.

The tour will head through six cities for now beginning October 21 in San Diego, then moving on through Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and finally in Houston on November 4.

“Each night we hope to dive deep into the topics of compassion, unity, ethics, race, faith, and the church. Our hope is that by bringing these conversations to the forefront each night, we can move past the Twitter rants & Facebook debates to a place where people are no longer disillusioned, but inspired & equipped to step back into their communities with fresh eyes, compassion in their hearts, good news on their lips – ready to live as lights in a dark world. In addition, each night Sho Baraka will be previewing some of his new music off of his upcoming new album,” reads the event.

For more information and tickets, click here.

Lamp Mode reveals release date, tracklist, cover of ‘Dead Heroes’

Lamp Mode Recordings announced its next release on Monday: a self-titled EP by Json’s new group, Dead Heroes.

Json is joined on Dead Heroes by Tory Starks, Word, Nico Wells and producer DeeOnTheTrack. They plan to drop their debut project on all digital outlets and for free exclusively at on Oct. 7.

At Legacy Conference 2016, Json explained the name of the collective.

“In order for the hero within us to live, we must die,” he told Rapzilla. “For Christ to be made alive in us, we must continue to die, so we are dead heroes. Our fight is to lose ourselves so that he might be made known in us and through us.”

Each Dead Heroes member lives in St. Louis and attends the same church, where Starks serves as a co-pastor.

“We do life together,” Json said. “It only made sense that we did music as well.”

Dead Heroes’s debut collaboration came on Json’s July project, Foreign, Vol. 1, on the song “Whoa”, which is included on the Dead Heroes EP.

Pre-order Dead Heroes on iTunes, and watch the group’s interview together at Legacy with below.


  1. Come Alive
  2. Whoa
  3. Old Me
  4. Draft Pick
  5. Worth it All


Andy Mineo Announces ‘Friends & Family Tour’ with Social Club Misfits is Cancelled

Andy Mineo and the Social Club Misfit’s “Friends & Family Tour” has been canceled due to “circumstances out of my control” said the Uncomfortable rapper on Facebook.

Read Andy’s full post below:

The Social Club Misfits didn’t add anything to the announcement other than linking out to Mineo’s post.

The good news is that everyone will be refunded their money. Also, for those lucky enough to be in Houston, TX on November 6th, they will get one shows from the emcees. Everyone who ordered tickets will also get first dibs at Mineo’s new project.

Check out the original details of the Friends 7 Family Tour here.



Andy Mineo’s Deaf Sister Responds to ‘Hear My Heart’

Andy Mineo recently released a music video for his song “Hear My Heart,” which is dedicated to his sister Grace and features sign language and visual music cues. Yesterday, on Instagram he posted her response after she watched the video for the first time.

Watch her response below:

Watch the music video below:

See Andy’s interview about it below:


Watch KB reminisce over DJ Official on his birthday during We Set The Tempo Tour

The passing of DJ Official hit the Christian hip-hop community hard as countless artists and fans have shared words about the man’s legacy. DJ Official’s birthday recently passed on September 16, and KB looked back at the final weeks of his friends life live at his ‘We Set the Tempo’ tour.

There are no words to describe KB’s heartfelt and at times teary eyed message, so just watch the video below:

There are three days left to order the DJ Official tribute shirt to help aid and benefit his family.

100% percent of the proceeds are going to the family, and as of this writing we are only three away from the 500 mark!

Listen to the DJ Official playlist below:


Alex Faith: The release date, tracklist and cover of ‘Intruder’

Alex Faith’s next project is available for pre-order, and its guest list is stacked.

The Atlanta native will release an EP titled Intruder on Oct. 7, Collision Records announced this week.

Pre-order Intruder on iTunes.


  1. Duffle Bag (feat. Ki’Shon)
  2. Intruder (feat. Tedashii)
  3. Og (feat. Tony Ri’chard)
  4. Real Ones (feat. Adan Bean)
  5. Interstellar (feat. Dre Murray)
  6. The One (feat. Vanessa Hill)


Da’ T.R.U.T.H. tries to unite reformed and charismatic with ‘Color Purple’

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. recorded a song on his latest album, It’s Complicated, called “Color Purple” which asks different traditions of Christianity — from conservative to charismatic — why they can’t get along.

At Legacy Conference 2016, Rapzilla interviewed Da’ T.R.U.T.H. about the story behind “Color Purple”, reactions to the track and teachers named in the song, who include Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar and T.D. Jakes.

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. set the stage for the conversation with a breakdown of America’s competitive, argumentative, “one-or-the-other” culture. For example, basketball fans may have spent more time this past year debating if LeBron James or Stephen Curry was the best player in the NBA than celebrating them. This culture has influenced the church, Da’ T.R.U.T.H. believes.

“We can’t like both John Piper and T.D. Jakes,” he said. “We can’t like both Joyce Meyer and Tim Keller. We feel, often times, socially responsible to choose one…

“The truth is that if I’m reformed, and there are certain books that have been heralded as the books to read, and certain teachers that have been championed as the teachers to listen to, if I go outside of the pail of those teachers, and outside of the pail of those books, I feel like I will be excommunicated, disfellowshipped, ousted. I feel like my peers and my contemporaries won’t respect me in the same way.”

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. grew up in a community that championed reformed theology and admitted that he looked down on other traditions for years.

“I was in that space for a long time … I was literally hearing a gospel song — I would hear an Israel Houghton song — right off the bat, without hearing the content, I already had a predisposed bias. And when the song would come on, I would be listening critically for what he’s gonna say wrong.”

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. thought this way until he formed relationships with people from different theological backgrounds.

“I actually ended up in their world,” he said. “I ended up in their living rooms. I ended up going to Universal Studios with them, and they became my good friends. I started going to their churches and hearing them preach and minister and watching them shepherd. When I started developing relationships with them, it gave me a brand new perspective like, ‘I gotta take these guys out of the villain category, even if they have things that are doctrinally off,’ which I’m not saying they do, but even if that’s the case, why have I pitted us against them?”

In this “us against them” rivalry, Da’ T.R.U.T.H. found value in each party.

Stereotypically, unhealthy reformed churches emphasize doctrine but struggle to apply it lovingly, while unhealthy charismatic churches emphasize spiritual experience but are theologically uninformed about that experience. Da’ T.R.U.T.H. thinks a unified church would create more loving, theologically-sound Christians.

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. shared that “Color Purple” has been met with mixed reviews. Some listeners have told him that the track has freed them from the burden of this tension, and others have criticized him for “propping up heretical teachers,” which he responded to in his interview.

“There is a distinct difference between a false teacher and someone who teaches something that is false,” he said. “If they were the same, y’all would have stoned me by now because I know I have taught something that has been false. I know I’ve misunderstood the Scriptures…

“A false teacher is someone who, in contradistinction to someone who teaches something false, embodies — that person is characterized — by fundamental teachings that are dangerous, that are unhealthy, poisonous, toxic, and their goal is to mislead.”

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. believes that Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes and Creflo Dollar are not false teachers.

“I have been listening to [Joyce Meyer], watching her for 15-16 years, and I don’t know what anybody’s talking about. Look at her statement of faith online, watch her, listen to her sermons.

“It almost reminds me of when you talk to people that are not Christians that make all these big accusations against Christianity, and you’re like, ‘Did you ever read that passage before? Have you ever read the Gospels? Have you ever read the Bible before?’ And they’re like, ‘No, I never read it before, but…’”

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. thinks that many Christians who criticize certain preachers do so without listening to their preaching, or they use isolated clips of a sermons out of context against them.

“If you go in with a predisposed bias, naturally, you get what you’re looking for,” he said. “If what you’re looking for are holes and flaws, that’s what you’re going to get…

“All the people that are making these judgements, do me a favor, just listen to Joyce for a week. Listen to Creflo for a week now because even he has recanted from certain things that he placed emphasis on in the past… Over the past four years I’ve been listening to him. He’s been talking about justification by faith alone, grace alone. That’s been his emphasis — impudent righteousness that can only come from Jesus Christ, not of works. That’s been his sermon for the past three or four years…

“All I’m saying is these leaders are in process just like us, and they’re in process under the microscope.”

Last year, Creflo Dollar came under nationwide criticism because his ministry sought “200,000 people committed to sow $300 or more (to) help achieve our goal to purchase the G650 airplane,” according to CNN.

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. said he didn’t know why this request was made and wouldn’t defend it, and he felt, for the sake of understanding, it was important to know why before passing judgement.

The Philadelphia-based artist wrote “Color Purple” to start a conversation, one which he hopes eliminates division among Christians who may be different, but whose differences he believes would benefit each other and the world.

“How in the world can the church universal make an impact or effect change out there when we can’t even come together because, ‘I don’t like the preacher that’s preaching. I don’t like the books that they’re reading. I don’t like how expressive they are. I don’t like how they yell when they preach. I don’t like how quiet they are,’” Da’ T.R.U.T.H. said. “As long as those tensions exist amongst us, how in the world will we effect change outside of the context of our church?”

Buy “It’s Complicated” on iTunes.


Bizzle: The tracklist and cover of ‘Crowns & Crosses’

God Over Money revealed the tracklist and cover art of Bizzle’s upcoming album, Crowns & Crosses, on Wednesday, and his guest list is impressive.

KB, Dee-1 and all of GOM are featured on Crowns & Crosses, which drops Oct. 21.

Boi-1da also produced a pair of tracks. A few of his most recent hits include Drake’s “Summer Sixteen”, Rihanna’s “Work” and Kendrick Lamar’s “The Blacker the Berry”.


  1. We Here Now (prod. by C-Life)
  2. Bless His Name (feat. Alexis Spight) [prod. by C-Life]
  3. Wake Up (prod. by Marv4MoBeats)
  4. Ain’t Got it (feat. GS & Dee-1) [prod. by C-Life]
  5. Oh Yeah (prod. by C-Life)
  6. Knock Off Love (feat. Jonathan McReynolds) [prod. by Dilemma]
  7. Royalty Interlude (feat. Tony Gaskins) [prod. by The Cratez]
  8. Royalty (prod. by The Cratez)
  9. Closer (feat. Liz Rodrigues) [prod. by Boi-1da]
  10. Been 100 (prod. by The Cratez)
  11. Money Get Low (prod. by The Cratez)
  12. From The Outside (prod. by Marv4MoBeats)
  13. Dream World (prod. by C-Life)
  14. King (feat. H.U.R.T.) [prod. by MacNiff]
  15. Work It Out (prod. by Snaz)
  16. Forever Love (After The Storm Interlude) (prod. by C-Life)
  17. Hands In The Air (prod. by Marv4MoBeats)
  18. All I Know (feat. KB) [prod. by Curtiss King]
  19. God Over Money Cypher (feat. Sevin, Datin, Bumps INF & Selah The Corner) [prod. by Boi-1da]


Andy Mineo Makes ‘Uncomfortable’ Luke Cage Appearance

Andy Mineo hit TV screens at the speed of Quicksliver with an appearance on the Netflix smash hit, “Marvel’s Luke Cage.”

Christian hip-hop producer/designer took to Instagram to post a screenshot of Luke Cage. If you look quickly, during episode two, there’s an Andy Mineo Uncomfortable poster at 18:21. Blink and you may miss the appearance.

Did you catch Andy Mineo in “Luke Cage”?


Christon Gray on Marriage Struggles; Freestyles and Performs Live

Christian artist Christon Gray was on ‘Sway in the Morning’ to talk about his music, marriage, faith, and challenges in his life.

Gray said a lot of his album speaks about where he is with his marriage and life right now. He admits “it’s been hard,” and cited touring, creating, and worrying about providing for his family being the main hardships of his marriage.

He also spoke about how he met his wife, and how the beginning of the marriage was rough because he brought previous relationship “baggage” into it with him.

Sway then brought up Christian groupies, which Gray admits that they exist.

They took some live calls and someone asked him about his purpose and reason for music. Gray responded, “The reason I do this is the represent Jesus, I have a duty to do that.”

Gray did the 5 Fingers of Death segment and actually freestyled for most of it.

After taking another call, Gray performed the song “Afraid with You” live.

Watch the full interview below. (Warning some adult language).



Lecrae goes Gold: ‘Anomaly’ sells half a million units

The Recording Industry Association of America has announced that Lecrae’s seventh studio album, Anomaly, is now certified Gold.

To go Gold, an album must sell 500,000 units. Other hip-hop artists whose albums have gone Gold over the past year include Meek Mill, Childish Gambino and Wale.

Reach Records released Anomaly on Sept. 9, 2014. The following week, the LP moved 88,000 units, earning the top spot on the Billboard 200.

Anomaly continued to move units in the following years, making it the first Christian hip-hop project to go — at least certified — Gold. (The RIAA certified GRITS’s single “Ooh Ahh” featuring TobyMac Gold in 2014).

Upon its release, Anomaly earned positive reviews from Christian, hip-hop and mainstream critics alike.

Rolling Stone said, “He may not swear, but Anomaly is as hard-hitting as any rap record out right now.”

HipHopDX declared, “Part of what makes Anomaly and its artist compelling musically is that he’s so bent on pushing against Hip Hop as he continues to become a bigger part of it.”

And CCM Magazine said, “Anomaly levels the playing field between faith-based hip-hop and mainstream rap once and for all.”

Anomaly took two years to go Gold, and its influence will continue to become apparent as the years go by.


Lecrae Talks New Album & God in Mainstream Rap with Sway at 2016 BET Hip-Hop Awards

Lecrae appeared with the ‘Sway in the Morning’ crew on the red carpet of the 2016 BET Hip-Hop Awards where he spoke about faith in rap music, the election, and his new album.

Co-host Tracy G said to Lecrae, “You’ve been on God squad since the beginning” and then asked why hip-hop is embracing music about Christ. She cited Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West’s latest releases.

“I would like to attribute it to we’ve been going through a lot,” said Lecrae. “A lot of turmoil, a lot of pain. When you face oppression, you gotta pause on the trivial stuff and figure out what really matters.”

He continued, “Let me come back to my roots and figure out what really matters.”

When asked about how he’s approaching the election Lecrae said “Be real with yourself and ask, ‘is this person qualified to run the country?’ At the end of the day I trust in God…I know he’s in control.”

Lecrae and Sway than spoke about Kid Cudi’s recent comments about ghostwriters in hip-hop. He said he has no hate for people who don’t write their rhymes, but he respects people who do.

The emcee also said he’s in the studio working on a new album, and it will come out after the Destination Tour.

Watch the full interview below:


Watch Lecrae’s performance at the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards

Lecrae performed live at the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards, which aired on Oct. 4, and he did not play it safe.

They telling us, ‘Make America great again’ /
I’m like, ‘Hold up, when was America great again?’ /
Was it when they took us from our native land? /
Or maybe it was when they took the Natives’ land


Hip-Hop Led Worship Teams Inject New Life into Old Territory


One of the most integral parts of a church service aside from the sermon is the praise and worship. There are people who go to church to get their fill of God’s presence by worshiping with hands up, eyes closed and an all-out surrender to God. There are also people who wish to experience that liberation but just can’t get into the music for a variety of reasons. Slowly, this is beginning to change.

Perhaps one of the biggest gripes people have, more specifically the younger generations, is worship music has grown stale. Every week it is the same often times corporate worship songs being played the same way over and over in every church. There is no musical life in the set, and there is seemingly nothing to adapt to the body of the church.

Every musical form has evolved with its listeners over the decades except “standard church worship.” To face the facts head on, worship music has become a genre. It’s essentially become the top poster child for Christian music as groups and artists such as Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe, and so on have become mainstream faces and artists who chart on Billboard lists.

With this growing popularity in the soundscape of media, worship music started to change. Groups are incorporating EDM, rock elements, pop arrangements, and even folk. Artists such as Gungor, Crowder, Kings Kaleidoscope, Pacific Gold, and Young & Free have started to change the landscape of the genre. However, one genre blend remains untapped – hip-hop.

Often looked at like the little brother of Christian music, hip-hop is stepping into the forefront of what defines Christian music. Part of that is due to the popularity of Reach Records, but the other part of that is hip-hop itself. Hip-Hop conveys the voice of the current generation in many forms. Millennials are fueled by hip-hop culture. At one time it was frowned upon in the church. Now, for the most part, it is welcomed with open arms.

Christian hip-hop has dabbled in worship in the past. There was 2001’s Sinner’s Prayer by Hip-Hop Praise, Shai Linne’s Lyrical Theology Pt. 2: Doxology, and Ill Harmonics’ Modern Heart Exhibit to name a few. Along the way, there have been releases that hit a song or two. Gospel music also teeters the line between worship, hymns, and urban music.

However, never has a worship team let hip-hop be the forefront of their group, or a rapper is the worship team leader, until now.

Rapzilla spoke to three people involved in this new movement, Sam Hart (Well Music), Troy McComas (The Overcomers), and Ben Murti (Fearless BND).

Sam Hart has strong ties to Christian hip-hop as he was a member of Sackcloth Fashion and has been featured with countless other emcees over the years. He is currently overseeing Well Music which is an offshoot of The Well church.

Hart says Well Music began to transform out of the necessity to engage with their congregation.

“Worship is taking up half of the time during services and it’s got this power to get past the frontal lobe into the soul and into the heart and yet we aren’t wielding that weapon in a way that actually matches what we do with sermons,” he said.

They were doing the standard worship songs every week and while that was good, it was lacking that dynamic ability to reach. Hart said after doing years of underground hip-hop and touring, there was still a weird disconnect between that and church.

“For some reason, worship has a sound and it doesn’t make any sense to me,” Hart admitted. “We’ve created this whole other culture about worship that is reading into scripture in a way that it doesn’t intend to be.”

Well Music decided it wanted to make a change and challenge people on what worship really is. Playing the same worship music over and over was “killing the creativity even though it was tight and safe.”

“We put people together in groups of four, five, six and just allowed them to be bands. Come up with their own name, and come up with their own arrangements of the song,” he revealed. “We realized quickly that we needed to have a uniform library, one group of songs that we do at our church, but the bands can do them, however, they want as long as you don’t change the melody or the lyrics.”

He continued, “We wanted high scripture songs, wanted hymns, and then topical songs – gospel-rich, Jesus-centered.”

There are currently 10 bands that rotate between the campuses of the church. All of these bands have been equipped with 10 weeks of worship development classes, a 12-week process in getting a group off the ground, and guidance from a producer until they find their sound.

The bands have to go through 10 weeks of worship development classes. 12 weeks where people are grouped into bands. A producer helps shape the groups until they get the ball rolling.

The bands range from bluegrass, folk, pop, and rap. The rap band is called The Overcomers.

Hart’s wife is the singer and Troy McComas is the rapper.

“How can you write a rap verse for the church that pulls people out of singing and engages their mind for 16 bars in a way that you are writing on behalf of them? You are writing for the masses in a way that is arousing their affections for God at the same time. We realized this is new territory for a rapper to lead worship,” he explained.

Uncharted territory is a good way to explain it, especially since Christianity was unknown to McComas until he gave his life to Christ.

“I didn’t grow up in the church. I grew up in a rough neighborhood,” McComas said. “Hip-hop was an expression, a voice, something that resonated with me.”

He didn’t know what church music was, and to him, any blend of worship with hip-hop wasn’t a logical connection he would ever make.

The emcee says that in certain circles, worship was in this box, and it was its own genre. Much like Hart, he didn’t understand because hip-hop always had this special place for him that was “poetic and musical.”

“Taking that and worship elements, it creates an experience that liberates us from that defining notion of what worship is,” said the rapper. “It’s interesting to see what those stereotypes of what worship is, broken down.”

Often times the music flows like a call and response. They sing out to God and then the raps offer a reflection. The rap verse brings in the commentary for the worship and helps engage the mind of the listener.

McComas admitted that he was a bit hesitant at how this would work at first, but so far has no regrets. The Overcomers have been received well and it’s “working.”

The next person Rapzilla spoke to was Ben Murti, creative pastor, manager, and guitarist, of Fearless BND.

Fearless BND isn’t a rap worship band like The Overcomers, but they intentionally do create certain songs to fit rap into. Their sound is more along the lines of EDM and dance/pop, but they have two rappers as part of the team.

“A normal singing bridge just doesn’t do it anymore,” said Murti.

The artist said that in his experience, young people are listening to rap and not worship music. This is why they are very intentional with the music they make.

“The high school student might not respond to ‘jump jump clap your hands’ but they might to a rap hook,” Murti admitted. “It pulls people in.”

In the past, Fearless BND has reached out to some of the most prominent rappers in Christian hip-hop but have not been able to set something up.

However, the two rhymers they have in the group, Taylor Braxton and Josh O’Haire, are on point. They even have their own side project under Fearless Artists called Light Kills Dark . Their debut three-song project is Pioneer EP.

Light Kills Dark is more of a standard hip-hop group, but their music has a worship-like quality to it because of the choruses.

Murti said so far they have not received any negative feedback yet, and listeners are really into the music.

The mission of Fearless Music and Murti’s church is to be a “dream factory for believers,” so there is bound to be more important relevant music coming from there.

As the popularity of these worship teams grows, hopefully, the idea that hip-hop can be a viable way to worship does too. It is not a matter of one needing the other or one being better than the other; it’s a matter of blending the two to create something new, fresh, and completely edifying in a unique way. Those who just can’t enter into a heart of worship might vibe with it in a new culturally relevant package. Let’s see where it goes.


Andy Mineo and Social Club Misfits are Up to Something ‘HUGE’


It appears Andy Mineo and the Social Club Misfits have something up their sleeves, and to be honest, no one knows what it is.

The only info available are a few cryptic social media posts from the two parties involved, and that this announcement will be made next week.

From Andy Mineo’s Twitter:

From Social Club Misfit’s Twitter:

“OOF. We up to somethin. Announcement coming next week,” wrote Mineo on Facebook, and then gave love to the creator of the graphic, @enigmatic_e.

Judging by the “HUGE” nature of this announcement, it could be more than just a song, and likely a national tour.

What do you think the trio of artists are up to?

In the past, Marty and F.E.R.N. have teamed up with Mineo for the song’s “Paisano’s Wylin’” and “Coogi Sweater.” Mineo was also on F.E.R.N.’s track “No Love (Remix).”


Bizzle uses new song to unveil release date of next album ‘Crowns & Crosses’


Bizzle of God Over Money gave fans a two-part surprise on Tuesday, announcing his new album Crowns & Crosses alongside a new song, “We Here Now”.

Crowns & Crosses will release on Oct. 21. He shared some details about the upcoming project with Respect.

“I try to balance the ‘deep’ with the ‘fun’ on this album,” Bizzle said. “I also got the chance to work with a couple of artists like Dee-1 and Jonathan McReynolds who I’ve always had love for. I even threw a ‘God Over Money Cypher’ on the album showcasing my whole squad, produced by Boi-1da.”

Singles produced by Boi-1da over the past few years include Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” and “0 to 100 / The Catch Up”, Rihianna’s “Work” featuring Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s “The Blacker the Berry”. Boi-1da has produced numerous songs for Bizzle in the past, including The Good Fight singles “My Confession” featuring Sevin and “I’m a Christian”.

Here is Bizzle’s new song, “We Here Now”.


KB Says ‘the Church is as Segregated as it has Always Been’


During KB’s performance at SoCal Harvest this weekend, he spoke about how the church can help push toward racial reconciliation by not ignoring the problem.

KB said two things need to happen in order for the church to become the leader in ushering in meaningful change.

“One is confession. There is no repentance without confession. I think there needs to be a particular emphasis on the reality that the Church is as segregated as it has always been,” he said. “If we’re honest and will weep over the statistics, the events [happening in society] are largely monolithic in terms of ethnicity, and the same things apply to the Church.”

The rapper continued, and stated that, “This is not what God wanted,” referring to “all-white church” and “all-white industry or all-white festival.”

“If we can arrive to that and say that this is an issue, because it is an issue to God, Heaven is not going to be a place that has a north and south side,” the 28-year-old said. “It is our responsibility to do whatever it takes to reflect the Kingdom of God on Earth. So let’s go after it, and when that happens, we’ll see some things change.”

The emcee doesn’t think the church does this with any maliciousness or hatred, but rather, it is more of a “blind spot.”

“What typically happens is that when you press on blind spots is that you find that in a lot of ways we liked the blind spot. It was good that you didn’t have to deal with that which you didn’t see,” he explained. “But like driving on the road, you can’t ignore a blind spot if there’s a car there. And there is a car there.”

KB is hopeful that everything is moving in the right direction and praised some of the growth and conversation that has been happening between the body of believers. He also knows that hip-hop can prove to be a tool for change, just as other media can be used to create a narrative.

“So, as people’s hearts are broken over the issues of humanity that God is absolutely involved in and cares about, they can’t help but use that medium to express that which will be a solvent or a balm or a peace to the hurting people around us. I think every artist deep down wants their music, even if their the most ratchet, profane dude you can imagine, deep down he wants people to hear his music and feel better about themselves and the world. And artists like myself take that seriously,” KB shared.

Watch KB at the festival below:


Former Group 1 Crew Member Pablo Villatoro Announces ‘RBLS N LGNDS’


Former member of Group 1 Crew, Pablo Villatoro, is making his return to music with RBLS N LGNDS (Rebels and Legends) coming later this year.

The record was announced in a Facebook post earlier this week.

“Yes it’s my my bday today, but even better news, I’ll be releasing new music this year off of my album titled “RBLS -N- LGNDS” (Rebels & Legends) On here you will hear my entire journey compiled into one musical piece! I can’t wait for everyone to hear it! I will be releasing a single REALLY REALLY soon!”

Since leaving Group 1 Crew in 2011, Villatoro has made a few musical guest spots here and there. He has mostly been speaking at conferences and churches while also creating a music agency.

Source: Justin Sarachik

Thi’sl releases ‘Against All Odds: Life Application’ e-book for free


St. Louis-based artist Thi’sl released an Against All Odds life application e-book on Thursday, following up his autobiography and album by the same name.

He not only wrote the e-book for people with a similar background as him, but also as a resource for inner-city ministers.

“What good can come from the hood? Some would say nothing,” Brian Dye, director of Legacy Conference and elder at Legacy Christian Fellowship in Chicago, said. “Against All Odds is the real life story of what God can do when Christians believe differently. While trapped in a life of hustling, God transformed Thi’sl through the love of Christians that wouldn’t give up hope. They knew that God didn’t abandon the hood, and neither would they. It is in this same spirit, Thi’sl created this resource for those seeking to escape the trap but not knowing the way out.

“Thi’sl always gives the raw and uncut in his music, and this book is no different. Pick it up, read it and be encouraged. Maybe you aren’t the one caught in the trap of the hood life, but you know those who are. Then this is a much-needed resource to pass on to others. Let them hear from someone who walked in their shoes and came out the other side.”

In Against All Odds: Life Application, Thi’sl “lays out a spiritual and practical road map that will lead men from living the lies that culture says they were born to be, to living life the way God intended for them in creation,” reads the description of the e-book, which tackles the following topics.

  • Faith
  • Prayer
  • Forgiveness
  • Stewardship
  • Paying off child support
  • Surrendering to God’s will
  • Building and following a plan
  • Being created in God’s image
  • Sacrificing to reach your goals

Derek Minor Reveals ‘Reflection’ Album Cover, Release Date, & Preorder


Christian emcee Derek Minor showed off announced the release date and linked to the preorder of his next record, Reflection In addition he uploaded a photo of the album cover and hinted at some of the songs.

His Facebook post read: “Reflection is out 10.14.16. PreOrder my new album now + get the entire #1014EP #ReflectGreatness.”

Preorder the album here.

His last release, the 1014 EP, was a sneaky hint at when the full album would come out.

For now there is an incomplete track listing up. The following tracks are the ones shown in the iTunes store:

  1. “You Know It”
  2. “Greatness”
  3. “Hand on the Bible”
  4. “Touchdown” f/t Canon
  5. “Drowning” f/t V. Rose

Source: Justin Sarachik

Gospel legend Danny Nettey sent off with a microphone


Danny Nettey’s casket sat in the middle of the forecourt of the State House like the Ark of the Covenant. Nearly surrounded by about 12 white tents like the 12 tribes of Israel.

A microphone was placed right side of Danny Nettey inside the casket. It was the most familiar object in his life. Like a wife, Danny has held the mic to his lips and sang gospel’s spiritual power through its electronic pipelines.

So take this with you, Danny. Take this with you.


It is not entirely dismissible idea that Danny would by now have gathered a group of angels to string together some rehearsals.

Take this with you, Danny, take this with you.2359361745313_244147569665.JPG

His casket sprayed with a piano wine hue. This is a man who made sure that a stone did not take his place in worship as Jesus warned those who refuse to praise him.

And so at his funeral service, melody soared through the morbidity of the mourners. When minister Denzel took the mic to lead the worship service, gospel songs ripped open mourners hearts and they sang with meaning, the way Danny had lived with purpose.




You should see the legendary lawyer Tstasu Tsikata gently wriggle a leg and sing ‘Yes you are the Lord’. He sang with the expertise of a rookie and lifted his hand with the brokenness of a new convert.

And when Denzel added ‘ I will Worship you, Tsatus left hand joined the right in the air, a powerful stream of pained memories must have rushed through him.


This is his favourite Danny Nettey song. This was the song that introduced Danny to him while he was in prison.

He smiled.

The Denzel-led worship threatened to seize the service and temporarily re-brand it into a prayer festival.  Pockets of prayer broke out under the white tents.Knees buckled under as a woman confronted the granite and gravel floor of the State House Forceourt in awe of God


There was little evidence of overwhelming grief. His mother stifled a tear when her eyes locked into Danny’s own during the file past. She paused a second. As Mary buried her son, Jesus, she had buried Danny, experiencing the dreaded heartache of every parent.

Danny Nettey Laid to rest

Uninvited yet provoked by the praise, the mourners danced towards Danny and danced around him in another unofficial, praised-inspired file past – or maybe dance-past.

Danny Nettey Laid to rest

Danny Nettey Laid to rest

This was not a funeral service. Too much light in the white dresscode empahsied the theme that this is a celebration of life.

The white tent, the white linen décor woven around Danny’s last tent and an all-white gospel choir made certain that this mourning was turned into dancing.

The Sun had a good look at him in the casket, focusing approving rays on him as the tent shone.

Gospel music star Bernice Ofei sang her popular ‘Life is so short’.  It is a fearful song. An Ecclesiastical song. A song few can sing with confidence because it forces you to count the wasted days. This song is not a melody. It is a hammer.

‘Remember you creator while you have breath’, a haunting lyric in an era where people remember Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook first thing in the morning.

Danny Nettey Laid to rest

Danny Nettey Laid to rest

A boisterous moment arrived when Old Students of Accra Academy, Danny’ school, took their turn to read the tribute. But before that, they volunteered to sing the school anthem.

Suffice it to say, their effort showed little sign that Danny was indeed a gifted singer. Joy FM Programs Director Kofi Ansah described the gospel legend as a “massive addition” to heaven and it works out to also mean a massive subtraction from earth.

Danny had four albums to his name in 30 years in the music ministry. None of them was done in a hurry. None of them was probably VGMA recognised material. He often stressed that releasing songs should be about ‘quality not frequency’.

We found from his  mother’s tribute that Danny fell in love with the piano at age six. Not even the destruction of the instrument by his late father could douse his passion for music.

He challenged a family prescription that as a brilliant science student, Danny was going to be a medical doctor – a tragic re-direction of destiny. Of course, as a doctor, he would have saved lives. But he would not have saved souls – well not professionally.

And so when his mother mounted the podium to read her tribute she meant every word of it when she said “Danny, I am here to lay you to rest…I am so proud that you chose music in obedience to God”

Danny Nettey Laid to rest

Goodbye Danny.

Source: MyJoyonline



Her life was a struggle after losing both parents which led her to take the motherly role in caring for her younger brother. I believe you will want to know about her struggles and her breakthrough. She sold airtime on the streets and worked as a security woman when her family refused to cater for she and her brother after the death of both parents. It was of great pleasure interviewing Edna and she was happy to have RepJesus.

Edna is our guest to be interviewed on this session of the One on One Interview.


D: Edna Welcome to rep Jesus entertainment.

E: Thank you

D: I have a name and it is Doreen and wha is yours? Would you love to share your full name with us?

E: My name is Edna Ama Arthur

D: Where is Edna from?

E: I am from Cape Coast but I was born here in Accra.

D:  Who is Edna and why did she choose urban gospel when other people are looking to make it big in the circular world today?

E: Hmmm…well, you know, I am not there yet but am hopeful.  It hasn’t been easy because I started doing rap music when I was 17, then; I realized this (music) was my destiny. I actually gave my life to Christ about three years ago. There was also a prophesy about my life and it was the will of God for me to do gospel hip-hop, so I had to switch from circular music into the gospel scene. Since then, have been on the hustle trying to push myself. It’s all been by the grace of God.

D: Education being key in every man’s life, will you want to tell us about your educational background?

E: Hahahahahaa… you know I wanted to go to school but poverty prevented everything. Unfortunately I couldn’t further my education. I am a Junior High School graduate. That’s the only certificate I have. I believe the grace and the favour of God qualifies, certificate and degree doesn’t matter.

D: Do you do anything aside music?

E: No, all I do is music but I want to setup my own business. It’s all about having the finances and what am still praying for is to start up my own business. I have a lot of plans but for now it’s just music; my real job.

D: How long have you been doing urban gospel?

E: I will say one year

D: You are still young in the industry and you are doing a great job out there.

E: Thank you, thank you! As I said before I gave my life to Christ like 2 to 3years ago. I had a prophesy, God told me if I should take my time he is going to push me and obviously he has done that. I tell people and they don’t believe me, they think it should take more time for me to get there but now everyone knows my name. It’s all glory to God.

D: Being one of the few females doing urban gospel, have you thought of taking your music to another level; like taking tours around Ghana to promote your music?

E: Yes! Yes! Yes! My music is just the grace of God pushing me I don’t have anyone pushing me financially.  I am doing everything by myself. I haven’t got any external help from anyone; God has been my ultimate helper. I have plans but now I am just working on some videos which I will start shooting and also work on my album.

D: Since you are working towards your grand album; we all can’t wait for. How many singles have you released?

E: Uhmmmm…I have five singles released and a mix tape. Currently am working towards shooting videos for the songs have released.

D: How was the beginning like for you when you started doing urban music?

E: When you start working for God; you rely on the Holy Spirit who will teach you everything. I will say The Holy Spirit is the key person in my life. I don’t really have the skill most artists have, like the voice, a coach among others.

We are in Ghana, we are in Africa, and things are different here. You have to use your God given ability and learn all these things by yourself. The internet is also available which I make good use of.

D: Have you ever thought of furthering your education?

E: No…I wanted to; but then again God told me “if you can’t further your education, you have to better your finances”. I believe that whatever you want to accomplish in life its God. He will bring those opportunities my way, not my education or my degree will.

D:  I know Edna to be the only rapper who got selected for “The Next Big Thing in GH”talent competition aired by Gh One Television. Can you tell me about it?

That was four years ago…Ha! Ha! Ha! It was a rap show. I use to do a lot of circular music back in the days and when I heard about this talent show I decided to give it a try.  Fortunately for me, I was the only girl amongst twelve guys and that is how I realized there was a grace speaking in my life. I just had to make my mind up and give my life to Christ.

D: Have you featured any of the urban gospel artists or had them featuring you in their songs?

E: I am yet to, but most at times it’s me and Atakora in collaboration.

D: Who is Atakora, is he your manager? Because I have seen you perform with him on several platforms including the recent Give it UP 2016.

E: Actually, he is like my back bone .When you see him, you see me. We met at the “Next Big Thing in Gh” four years ago and since then it’s been amazing .God has really transformed us. When I had a prophesy in my life I told him “ Charle I am not doing this circular music again” and said he was doing gospel and that’s how we got to work together.

D: What induces you to do what you are doing?

E: I would say God. It used to be my mum and dad but God is more than my mother and father. I just want to make something out of my life and I know my mum will be happy wherever she is. I will make her proud.

D: How did you survive when your mum and dad passed on?

E: At times I reflect back and I don’t know how I survived. It was very hard when I became homeless with my brother. We were sleeping on the streets because my family didn’t really care about us. It’s also the reason I didn’t further my education because of the financial problems then. It was a terrible time in my life and it’s now a testimony because have you interviewing me and I am telling you about it. It is all to the Glory of God. God knows why I went through that pain in all those times. I give Him all the thanks. I am here today and am grateful.

D: Where is your brother now?

E: He is around. We stay together. He wants to be a Pastor so he is doing his best.

D: Do u have anything that keeps you busy when you are not doing music?

E: I like to go to the Kasoa market to shop and prepare my own food. I use to be homeless and ate food prepared on the street a lot but now that I have my own place am obsessed with cooking.  I am always cooking…(smiling).

D: Where do you worship?

E: I attend Freedom Chapel International. I worship with the main branch at Odorkor even though there is a branch at Kasoa.

D: What would someone who doesn’t like you or know you say about you?

E: I am not a psychic or anything but I guess they would say that the Grace of God has really found me. It is not easy to make it out of that life I use to be in.

D: Now that you are successful by God’s grace and you trying to get there. Have you met any of your family members coming to you to apologise and ask you back into their lives? Any interaction or meeting with them?

E: I have received calls telling me they have been asking of me but I believe at the right time God will set a table before me the presence of my enemies.  You know I have seen it in my visions and dreams and I know that God will definitely do it.

 I am not really looking forward to that. If they should apologise it will all be to the glory of God. So far none of them have come forward to apologise and am not looking forward to one. I am just thankful I am alive. When they left God has taken care of me. The rejected stone will be the corner stone.

D: Do you have people you draw your inspirations from?

E: Yes I do, Bob Marley and Chaise Chapman.  I listen to their songs; even though they don’t live anymore. Listening to Bob Marley is so amazing because he has a lot of inspirational songs and I believe he is a prophet. A prophet because his music preaches positivism, trusting in God and hoping. It is gospel.

D: Do you have any one else who motivates you to do what you?

God firstly,  Atakora and El Jay. Atakora is really doing a great job and El Jay is so amazing. I remember when I brought my first rap to him he said “Charlie you have to be a musician and this was way back. He is still my hommie, and he motivates me too.

I remember I sent my CD to a certain label. They didn’t listen to my song and they just trashed my CD. I said and he kept telling me not to give up when i cried “this was my work I gave to your and u just crashed it”. Since I took my music career seriously he has never missed a show, he is always at my shows. He is one of the people I would always appreciate.

D: I am happy for you. I am so glad. We pray that God will protect you and you would see greater things in your life.

E: Amen! Amen!

D: When are you releasing your next single.

E: I want to release a single called “Bad”. I want to come out with the video as well, so I will release it when the video is out.

D: When you are shooting your video, I will be featuring inside there with vigor.

E: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Owww don’t worry okay, no problem

D: A word to your fans out there and to people who are facing the same challenges you encountered back then. People who still believe nothing can be done about their case because they feel it’s a special case.

E: I want to tell them to let Jesus Christ be their light in this dark world, have a personal relationship and trust in him.

D: Thank you so much Edna for granting me this interview. I really do appreciate your time with Rep Jesus.

E: You welcome



Source: Dorren Abayaa



Regardless is a Christian Hip hop artist, Song Writer, owner and founder of Truth Nation. I can also say he is the youths “Papa”, a father to the youth.

Regardless attains the uppermost level of dedication as an artist and motivator by provoking positivity in the minds of the youth and helping to elevate a generation of young people who know and position for the truth.

There was an impressive speech in his interview related to provoking the positivity in the youth today that I have taken a seed out of. He said “A candle looses nothing by lighting another candle”. In sharing the light that one has, together the people he shares it with cover more grounds of light, rather than keep ones light and illuminate oneself.  

Stay glued to your screens and make sure to read this interview to the end and you will be blessed.


D: Rep Jesus Entertainment welcomes you to the One on One interview session; Regardless.

R: Hahaha! Thank you.

D: What’s Regardless’s real name?

R: Cyril Selase Dotse

D: How did the name Regardless come about?

R: It actually represents two things; basically.Regardless of the blood, sweat and tears life draws out of me; I’m made whole through Christ because he bled, broke sweat and shed tears for my life.

Secondly, it’s a reminder of the fact not to give up. Regardless of the ups and downs I will still stay afloat, regardless of the twist and turns; I will be on course and it’s all by grace. No matter what may come my way I will fulfill the very purpose that God has for me.

D: Who is Regardless?

R: Who is Regardless?

I am an interesting guy…hahahaha!

D: Education being a key pivot to the success of every man. Will you share you educational background with us?

R: I went to Junior High at a private school called Providence Preparatory School, moved on to St. Thomas Aquinas High School and had a two year diploma course in Public Adjinistration at the University of Ghana.And then had a top-up for my degree in Business Administration at the University of Professional Studies (UPSA) which was previously Institute of Professional Studies (IPS).

D: Is Regardless doing anything aside music? If yes, why? If no, why?

R: Yes I do. I am a full time finance officer in three companies namely Auto Parts Limited (Nissan), Universal Motors Limited (Volkswagen) and Porsche Ghana. I have been working with them since 2008 my first year, first semester in Legon.

D: Why urban Gospel?

R: In a simple statement; it fulfils me.

D: Really? How?

R: It gives me a purpose and the bible says “it’s in him we live, move and have our being”. In Colossians 1:9-10 it says “we grow as we get to know God better, so if am supposed to grow in whatever that I do I need to know God because it’s in him that I live, move and have my being.

I am doing urban gospel which is a command from him which is go into the world and preach to all nations and my way of preaching to people is through my music.I am fulfilling my God giving purpose, so it fulfils me.

D: Can you share some of your experiences being with the urban family ever since you picked up the cross of Christ?

R: It’s been an undulating ride. Just like God allowed the Israelites to take a longer route before reaching the Promised Land to teach them and strengthen their faith. Even though it’s been undulating; it’s just to teach me things and make me stronger for the greatness that soon cometh.

The price of greatness they say is responsibility. Ecclesiastes 12:13 teaches us to fear God and keep his commandments for that is the entire duty of man.  

D: In an interview with previous urban gospel artists, some shared experiences of their initial stages in life promoting Christ through urban gospel. Their stories were touching and quite interesting. Do you have any of such heart-breaking stories or experiences during the initial stages of your life while promoting the gospel of Christ through your music?

R: I think have been blessed not to have any major issues of such kind but on constant basis I hear it will be easier for me to make a lot more money and gain recognition if I switch to secular music because in their opinion gospel, inspirational or conscious music is holding me back.

I didn’t just jump into music; it was a process where God had to work on me and so when I got into it I knew why and what to do. The mind is like soil when someone says something to you, it becomes a planted seed. However you decide whether to water that seed and allow it grow into a tree so even though I get a lot of those comments and discouragements, it doesn’t faze me.

D: One of my favorite songs of you is one of your latest single “Give it Up”. What life events inspired the song’s conception?

R: I wouldn’t say I have seen a lot of struggles but I think I have seen  as much as God wants me to  see to be able to build me up. There are a lot of young and old people around me who say “Jesus take control” but don’t want to let go of the control unit and then wonder why the situations remain same.

Again these people are at the point where they feel, they can’t carry their burdens anymore, they can’t go through this anymore, they can’t hold on any longer.

So the song Give it Up is just to let them know God says “you don’t have to” because 1Peter 5-7 says “cast your burdens unto me for I care” now this Is what He (Jesus) is telling you.

D: Was the song “Give it Up” composed because it was approaching the main Give it Up gospel jams concert which happened on the 1st of July this year?

R: It had nothing to do directly with the Give it Up concert. A friend sent me a beat to create a concept for but I wasn’t really feeling the beat. Nonetheless I’m not one to quickly shelve things off just because it didn’t blow my mind so I decided to still create something.  After jamming the beat a few times the Holy Spirit gave me “Give It Up”

I called my friend over and we made a new beat to the song.

Prior to that, a couple of friends came over and we were talking about the struggles of being a young Christian and I think all together; inspired the song Give It Up. Shouts to SunnyBeatz though, the lights off couldn’t stop us

D: What’s the biggest crowd you have performed in front of and where?

R: I think on four occasions, last year Footprintz, this year Footprintz, last year’s Give It Up and this year’s Give it Up

D: And I pray you get to perform in front of larger crowds than you have ever performed in front of.

R: Yeah! As Jesus fed five thousand people with five loaves and two fishes, More doors are opening for us to minister to more souls where we have 1 or 5 talents.

D: As a Gospel artist, what are some of the challenges that you face day-to-day from being in various church settings?

R: It presents the opportunity for me to get to meet and know other people so I can share my faith, my testimony and the amazing things God is doing in my life. It’s not a challenge but more of an opportunity.

D: Have you gone on any tour yet to promote your songs? If yes when? If not why?

R: Hmm I haven’t been on a personal tour but have supported others on theirs.I haven’t been able to put together a personal tour due to the nature of my work, but pretty soon tho. Watch out for the M.O.T tour.

D: What does a perfect day look like to you?

R: I wake up, have a conversation with God, and share the outcome of that conversation in the form of a scripture. Spend some time with my mom, grandma and my inner circle.  Then into the studio to make music and later on meeting or being on the phone with young people just encouraging them to stay true to God and the purpose for which they’ve been called.

D: Do you have any mentors who motivate you and how?

R: Jesus is pretty much of a big mentor.  The more you read the bible; you know there are a lot you can learn and a lot to be done.  Jesus is my mentor, my biggest mentor.

D: What do you do when not working?

R: Hmmm…either I’m out having a smoothie and some awesome salad because I love salad a lot, or am at the beach trying to clear my head and enjoy the view or  with young folks  sharing my struggles, victories and how far God has brought me.

I do that because I believe in strengthening others today for tomorrow when you are weak. Just like God said it’s not good for man to be alone and gave him Eve. Evidently we need each other in this walk so it’s very much needed to empower the people around me.


D: That’s something good you are doing because most of the youth out there need people share their problems with; me inclusive because the struggles and the pressures in life are just too much for them to bear. We sometimes do have problems we wish to share with people which we find very difficult and are weighing us down.

R: Exactly, exactly and I have a concept I live by which is “A candle looses nothing by lighting another candle” because the bible says we are the light of the world, a town built on a hill can it be hidden.

So in sharing my light, together we cover more grounds rather than keep my light and illuminate just myself.

D: How many singles do you have out there? And are you currently working on an album or have you one already?

R:I have a project dubbed  “ Moment of Truth” which is out there, prior to that, I have released 11 singles. My “Moment of Truth” project is my most real thing and then I just dropped the song “Give it Up”.

D: What is the “Moment of Truth” project about?

R: It’s about my moments of truth. Basically about my life, my struggles, my pain, my passion, my faith among others. It’s a reflection of me and my relationship with God.

D: How would you describe yourself in one word?’

R: Interesting

D: If we’re sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great 12 months it’s been for you, what would you recall?

R: I will be celebrating an undeniable growth both spiritually and physically of my record label TruthNation and my label mate Morphat.

D: Can you tell me about a time when you almost gave up, how you felt about that, and what you did instead of giving up?’

R: I don’t give up; I’m not going to give up on anything that God wants for me. All these years what I have come to realize about myself mainly is that I have a clear vision of what God wants for me which makes it difficult to give up. It’s pretty easy to give up when you don’t know what’s at the end of the road for you.

It’s also because as a child of God nothing happens to us by chance, everything is allowed by God for our own good and growth; its either to build us up, equip us for all good works  or to strengthen us for certain challenges which in turn propels us  to greater heights. So giving up is way out of the question for me.

It’s just a matter of depending on God for more strength and seeking his will in all matters.

D: So when are we looking forward to your next single.

R: Very soon…I’m actually about to do something with an artist that’s signed to my label, Morphat.

D:  Tell your fans something brief to ginger them up anytime they feel down.

R: One thing I believe in is; you can’t give something you don’t have. Empower the people around you and this goes to you as well. Strengthen the people around you today for when you are weak tomorrow , it goes to say treat other people the way you want them to treat you.

In one of my songs off the “Moment of Truth” project I said “The encouragement I get to give to you tomorrow is based on the troubles that I face today”. Everything that you going through today has a purpose to fulfill tomorrow. It is the tool you will use to build up somebody tomorrow.

D: Wow, finally we done. Thank you Regardless…Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

R: Thanks for your patience a lot.


Source: Dorren Abayaa



Pipe De-star the man with a box of talents whose name is Spencer Adjei Boakye -Adade is popularly known as Spencer De-star; an Urban Gospel musician who started doing music at an early age.

He was one of the curtain raisers selected to perform at the Give it Up 2016. I believe you will want to know what he was doing at the One Mic session if not to audition but yet got selected to show up and bless the people present for the main Give it Up 2016.

Spencer describes himself as a laid back, interesting, sociable, funny and very determined and focused person. Besides music he has a diploma in IT & Networking, which could have been, is career path. He believes God has called him to propagate the gospels and he is doing it with all he has.


D: Welcome Spencer

S: Thank you

D:Before we begin with this interview a little intro will do for the people out to know who you really are.

S:My name is Spencer Adjei Boakye -Adade and I go by the stage name Pipe de Star. Pipe de Star is an urban gospel minister who fuses afro pop, RnB, hip-hop, hi-life with praise and worship all together to the glory of God.

D: : How do you describe your music to people?

S: My music is an inspirational song which is actually directed to Jesus. I also do a new creation kind of music just as the bible says “behold old things are passed away and everything has become new” so I do a new creation music.

The new creation urban gospel music that I do is purposely to glorify God and make Jesus great which is also to tell the world and let them know that before I was in the world and I now have been saved, not just saved but blessed.

Everything that I am doing is by the blessings of God. Am increasing in grace, moving from glory to glory and my music is an inspiration for every believer and even non-believers and there are great testimonies all around me. People call me and tell me they hear my music and it’s been a blessing to them. That; I really thank God for.

D: Can you share some of the testimonies you received. Anyone in particular you could share.

S: There was a friend of mine who called and said he has been listening to “spirit in motion” my new single and he said when he listened to it, it was something else. He was actually relating to the lyrics. He also added he has been listening to it almost 20times in a day.

D: That means they are really inspirational…I love such songs really. What image do you think your music conveys?

S: My music projects the image of God and the goodness of Jesus. How he came to save us and now we enjoying grace, that’s the image.  It also shows we are superior and powerful; since the bible says “we seated in highly places over principalities and powers of darkness”. My music projects that image whereby it makes you believe in the power of who you are in Christ; it gives you the consciousness of it.

D: Coming to the Give it Up One Mic session which was the audition to select curtain raisers to embrace the whole occasion of Give it Up 2016, were you certain you were going to get selected or you dropped to try your luck and see where it gets you?

S: Life is spiritual. I am a gospel minister, mine is a calling. I didn’t just wake up and say I want to do urban gospel, no! Before I use to do circular music, I was a circular artist and I had the calling. After I had the calling, what the spirit of God made me understand was that; though it was an audition, I saw it as making an impact and being there to bless the souls that were there to witness what was going on at that time.

In my consciousness I wasn’t there to audition I was just coming to bless them with my ministry, what God has given me.

D: And you got selected.

S:  Exactly … (smiling)

D: I heard your performance at Give it Up was wonderful even though I missed your performance but the response I got was good. How did you feel being on the grand stage of the Give it Up 2016?

S: It was awesome. For me I will say it was the spirit of God. I fellowship with the Holy Spirit, I pray a lot and it all goes down to prayers. I prepared my heart and my spirit through prayers and fasting and when I came there it was the spirit of God that actually took over the whole thing and the response was unbelievable.

It was awesome. People said they were blessed and actually felt the presence of God and you could see them dancing not only dancing but seeing the music making an impact in their spirits. That was what happened.

After that a friend of mine actually recorded the whole performance on his phone and played it back for me and I was wowed and wondered if I actually did all these things, I wasn’t even aware of all what I was doing. Most people came to me congratulating me and I said “Jesus did it; the spirit of God did it not me”.

D: Who are some of your favourite composers, musicians and bands from the past and present?

S: From the past Kirk Franklin, Dietrich Haddon, Mali Music and Lecrae have all been a source of inspiration to my music.

Coming to the local scenes who are the people you will say are your inspiration?

Joe mettle is one; he carries serious ministry angels and carries powerful anointing in his music, Eugene Zuta and Sonnie Badu. I will mention these 3.

D: Are you currently signed on to any label?

S: No please am not signed onto any label yet

D: And are you looking forward to signing on to any label

S: Yes I am looking forward to signing on to one.

D: So which label would you like to get signed on to?

S: Am looking actually to a foreign label.

D: Wowww! You are aiming high.But you know you need to start from somewhere by first signing on to a local label before moving on to the international scenes.

S: Exactly! Exactly.  I am building my own records label, a GLM record that’s God Loves_Music Records. I am a sound engineer so anytime you listen to my music you will hear God Loves_Music Records. We are also building a fan base for the record by the Grace of God and now it’s getting better. People are coming on board. I am also a sound engineer; most of my songs are produced by me.

D: Wow that’s interesting; you are a box of talent on its own. You produce your own songs, a sound engineer and creating your own record label.

S: I write my own songs too

D: That means you do not get external help from other lyricist?

S: No, no!  I do everything on my own by the Grace of God. I’m a song writer, music director and sound engineer.

D: In the next 5 to 10years where do you see yourself?

S: I see myself all over the world, going outside Ghana with the gospel message of Jesus Christ through music and impacting my generation.

D: Was Give it up the first grand platform you ever performed on or you had other platforms?

S: Have had other platforms but I think Give it Up is one of the biggest platforms have had to perform on.

D: How do you rate your live performance ability?

S: Now by the Grace of God the responses I get are positive. You can do something but the response is what will tell you if you doing it right or wrong and so far the responses I get tells me am doing well in my ministry and I also want to do more.

I don’t want to be in my comfort zone I want to be outside it and do more though people are commenting and saying good things I want to do more.

D: Do you ever get nervous before performance?

S: No I don’t because it’s been something have been doing since I was a kid. I’m use to it now so I don’t panic or get stage frights and all that. I am excited anytime I minister and have never been nervous during any performance.

D: That’s true. You do need to get outside your comfort zone then and there you will know how challenging it is out there.

D: How would you define the word “success”?

S: Success they say is something that you don’t do once but something you do repeatedly. Success also means being focus and being consistent in what you do and always coming out of your way to bring the best in you. Anything that brings out the best in you makes people see you as successful.

Before you can bring something best out of your system you need to have that inspiration and inner joy so that when it comes out you will be happy.

D: Aside music what else do you do. What is your current business form?

S: I am also business entrepreneur and I do other businesses.

D: Like?

S: Investments, I deal with goods from outside Ghana and distribute them. Those are the kind of businesses I’m into.

D: How does your normal day look like?


S: My normal day is always packed from one activity to the other, sometimes at the studio, here and there, people coming around to book the studio so I normally spend my time working at the studio as well as doing my businesses.

D: Have you produced songs for some popular gospel artist? Who the some of the popular artist whom you’ve produced songs for?

S: Yes I have, Muby Dey’s Higher I gave the beats and another guy called Knoxx de Favoured he came to record Image of the Lord and a few others.


D: How many singles do you have and are you working on your album?

S: Am working on my album I have a lot of songs over a 100 songs.


D: Are you serious! You’ve really been working hard.

S: Always working hard. My album is going to have 23 tracks on an album.


D: That’s means you could have four albums produced at a go.

S: Exactly


D: That’s feels so good.

S: And I will be releasing my album God willing next year. The album title “the Psalmist”


D: Why the name “The Psalmist” for the album

S: When you go to the bible “The Psalmist” talks about the goodness of God and also about music. You know David himself was a composer and most of his writings in the Psalm are actually about praises to God.

If you want to know about “The Psalmist” is about praising God and letting the world know we are nothing without God and he is the one that owns everything in our life. That’s why the spirit of God gave me the name “The Psalmist”.

The Psalmist purposely is about music, composer.


D: How did you come to know about your talent and how did you work on it after realization?

S: I started singing when I was 5years and my dad was an instrumentalist. He plays almost all the instruments like the keyboard, guitar, base, and drum among others. My source of inspiration actually came from him. He is a pastor and singer as well. So I got all these things from him.

As a kid we use to go to ICGC and also at Sunday school they will call for me to come and minister at the main auditorium as a child. That was when my mum saw the gift that is in me which she maintained and made sure I worked towards that, along the line I diverted to doing circular music and God brought me back again.


D: That makes God loving, even though we sin and divert all the time when we realize our mistakes he forgives us and brings us back to our place of abode which is in his presence.

S: Exactly

D: I love listening to you and the stories you have to share. They are quiet inspirational so if you are given the chance to advice a bunch of youth, what will you want to tell them.

S: My advice to the youth or the upcoming urban gospel ministers is that they should be humble for the bible says that “God resist the proud and gives more grace to the humble” so they should be humble, learn the word of God and pray. These are the basic things.

They should make sure to be straight with God and obedient. They obeying God,  fasting and praying they will be there.


D: We are getting to the latter and I usually don’t leave my guest without final words. What would you want to tell people who love your music?

S: I will like to tell them God bless them so much and making me one of their number one fan, without them am nobody and am also grateful for their good works and keep supporting Pipe de Star. They should also go to my social media and comment so we get interactive.


D: Thanks you so much Spencer. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have you spend some time with me out of your busy schedule.

S: You are welcome. I’m stunned and grateful. God bless you so much.

I also want to thank repJesus for the opportunity and for the good things that they are doing for Ghana. I say God bless them so much and their ministry. A year by this time the whole world will hear of repJesus entertainment

D: Yaaaaayyy! Amen. Thank you once again.

Source: Dorren Abayaa



Amidst widespread condemnation of a sad incident that occurred at the International God’s Way Church where a renowned prophet popularly known as Bishop Obinim publicly scourged two of his members for allegedly fornicating, former TV3 Mentor and Project Fame West Africa star Nii Soul has released a very polemic song rumored to indirectly disapprove of the prophet’s actions and worse of all accuse churches for cynical exploitation.

Nii Soul’s gospel music career is not characterized by fortune and fame but merely to reach out to the troubled youth and most importantly share his experiences about his new found love for Jesus Christ.

A former secular artist, Nii Soul reveals the song was inspired by similar maltreatment he experienced from a member of his former church (name withheld).

According to him, he was verbally abused and humiliated publicly (at one Sunday service) when he started a relationship with his (now) Wife. Another “prophet” he claimed, also publicly announced (in church) that it was revealed to him Nii Soul was an occultist and had initiated his wife.

His new song, titled “Wuh Guan Fi Di Church” is a Reggae tune with an Urban and Positive vibe and we only hope this song will not only touch lives but will also be “heard” by all exploitative “men of God”.

Do you think Ps Obinim did wrong by not ‘sparing the rod’?

  • No
  • No, he is their spiritual father and has every right.
  • Yes, because he isn’t their Parent
  • Yes, he should have done it behind closed doors.

Source: RepJesus Entertainment

Christian hip-hop artists take on new #ShookOnesChallenge


Legendary rap group Mobb Deep responded to the #SoGoneChallenge by issuing their own: the #ShookOnesChallenge.

Numerous Christian hip-hop artists participated in the former challenge (see: here and here), and a handful have recorded verses for the latest social media trend.

Watch Kambino, Cutright, J. Monty, Tony Ri’chard and Eric Heron’s #ShookOnesChallenge videos.

Miami-based artist Serge actually used the “Shook Ones” instrumental two years ago for his song “Haitian Food”.

Source: Rapzilla

Shai Linne is back in the studio, new album may feature Beautiful Eulogy


Shai Linne has been busy planting and pastoring a church in Philadelphia over the past couple years, but the lyrical theologian revealed on social media this week that he’s back in the studio.

Lamp Mode Recordings released his last album, Lyrical Theology, Pt. 2: Doxology, in May 2014. When Lamp Mode began to roll out his prior project, Lyrical Theology, Pt. 1: Theology, Shai said he planned for the series to be a trilogy, part three of which would be “sociology.”

A title and release date have not been announced. Shai has been using the hashtag “#StillJesus” on Twitter, which could refer to a title, single or concept.

Lamp Mode CEO Json mentioned at SXSW 2015 that Shai may release a mixtape.

“That Solus Christus Shai, just going in, no themes, no nothing and nobody’s safe,” Json said.

However, about a year and a half have passed since then, so plans may have changed.

Here are a series of tweets this week from Shai, including news of a potential collaboration with Beautiful Eulogy.

Source: Rapzilla

Throwback Thursday: ‘King Kulture: Stop the Traffic’ Raises Money for Sex Trafficking


For Throwback Thursday we only going back three years to when Rapzilla released King Kulture: Stop the Traffic featuring some of Christian hip-hop’s best emcees raising money for a great cause.

The record was focused on aiding organizations fighting human trafficking. Album proceeds, which hit around $15,000, benefited a great organization based in, and focused on NYC, called NYCUP (New York City Urban Project).

Buy on iTunes

See the track listing below:

1. KIDD – First World Problems – produced by by Tyshane
2. FLAME – Cashews – produced by by DeeOnTheTrack & post produced by by SPEC
3. Alert312 – Murmurs – produced by by Alert312
4. Skrip – Show Them – produced by by Skrip
5. Rhema Soul – We Win – produced by by Wit
6. MC Jin – Over The Edge ft. Dawen – produced by by Jay Wonda
7. Gowe – First Date – produced by by Tee-Wyla
8. Janette…ikz – What Will It Take?
9. Andy Mineo – Stop The Traffic ft. Co Campbell – produced by by GAWVI
10. Butta P – Rescue Me ft. V.Rose – produced by Tee-Wyla
11. Sho Baraka – Tomorrow ft. ALi – produced by by ALi
12. Json – Rejuvenated ft. Future and Derek Minor – produced by by DeeOnTheTrack & Post produced by by SPEC
13. Young Chozen – Royalty – produced by by Tee-Wyla
14. Canton Jones – Runway – produced by by Canton Jones
15. HillaryJane – Not For Sale – produced by by Skrip
16. Propaganda – Healthy Don’t Need Doctors – produced by by Wit

The record debuted at No. 15 on the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap charts and No. 9 on the Billboard Gospel chart.

Listen to the project below:

Source: Rapzilla

Rapper DMX, who dreams of becoming a pastor, testifies how difficult times helped him to know God more


It has always been the dream of rapper DMX to become a pastor, and he is slowly making that dream a reality. A video was posted recently on BET Gospel’s Facebook page showing the Christian artist preaching before the pulpit in Phoenix, Arizona.

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, talked about finding God amidst tragedies. The rapper said the devil is always trying to play tricks on him, but he understands it’s all part of a Christian’s journey.

“If I wasn’t a threat to the devil he wouldn’t waste his time. If I wasn’t special to God, how would I know what He’s willing to do for me? We know what He’s able to do. The word says, ‘All things are possible through Christ who strengthens,’ Amen!” DMX said. “So we know what He’s able to do. How can you know what He’s willing to do until you’ve been placed in a situation where you need Him to do it for you? If you haven’t been somewhere where you need God to get you out of the situation, you wouldn’t know what He’s willing to do for you.”

At the same time, DMX said God’s miracles can only happen on the platform of tragedy. People don’t like to face difficult times, but DMX is encouraging people to embrace it because it’s the best time people can see God at work.

“If there’s not a difficult situation, if there’s not a situation where you can’t see you possibly getting through on your own then where’s the potential for the miracle?” he questioned. “It’s not that God made these things happen but what I’m saying is that He allowed those things to happen, just so you know what He’s willing to do for you.”

Personally, DMX said he has learned how to love difficult situations. He even praises God for difficult situations because he always sees what God is willing to do for him.

“On a daily basis, if it gets rough I praise God; it goes wrong, I praise God; it goes left, I praise God. I praise God because there’s nothing that He can’t get me through. So I thank Him for every opportunity that is presented for me to see what He’s willing to do for me,” he said.

Source: Christian Today

What Casting Crowns frontman Mark Hall learned from his cancer ordeal


The world of Casting Crowns frontman Mark Hall was rocked last year after he found out that there was a solid mass in his right kidney that doctors said was cancerous.

“It was definitely out of nowhere,” Mark Hall says in “The Church Boys” podcast. “I went to the doctor to be checked for acid reflux. He was just doing a scan to see if I had ulcers or anything else going on down there, and then, on accident, saw a tumour in my kidney.”

Hall considers it an act of God that the tumour has not spread to the kidney surrounding it. Still, there was a chance the cancerous cells could grow rapidly.

“For a day there it really rocked me,” he recalls. “I was going through feelings and doubts and fear and worry… my feelings were all over the map.”

As a youth pastor, Hall was used to giving people comfort during troubled times. But when he was diagnosed with cancer, Hall found himself needing emotional support.

The singer is grateful that God never left his side throughout his whole cancer ordeal, and his faith took care of him.

“My feelings kept slamming up against something solid in me, and that was the roots of my faith,” Hall says.

One thing Hall learned from that experience is that God is who He says He is. He was inspired to create new music while dealing with cancer. That’s the time when he wrote the song “Oh My Soul.” Hall shares that it is all about Psalms 42:5 which reads, “Why, my soul, are you downcast? And why are you disquieted within me?”

“The night I found out, I sat down at the piano and wrote a song called, ‘Oh My Soul’ around that Scripture, because that’s kind of where I was living at the moment,” he says.

Thankfully for Hall, his cancer battle had a happy ending because doctors were able to remove his kidney where the cancerous cells were attached. “God is who He says He is – and we can trust Him,” Hall says.

Source: Christian Today

‘The Insanity of God’ film to share the plights faced by 600 persecuted Christians


What goes on inside the minds of Christians who are being condemned, tortured, and looked down upon because of their faith? This is what missionaries Nik and Ruth Ripken hope to answer in their new movie “The Insanity of God,” which will make its way to 530 movie theatres for one day only on Aug. 30.

The Ripkens talked to over 600 persecuted Christians in over 72 countries for their new film, which will be presented by LifeWay Films as well as International Mission Board with Fathom Events. It is based on their same-titled 2013 best-selling book.

“They discover the church not only survives under persecution, but it thrives,” Trey Reynolds, manager of LifeWay Films, says in a statement.

As for Fathom Events CEO John Rubey, he is excited to deliver this “amazing story” to movie theatres all across the country. “The Ripkens’ story is an inspiring message of hope and faith that will enlighten audiences on the price many Christians face in the world today,” he says.

Meanwhile, International Mission Board president David Platt says the movie will be a good eye-opener to what persecuted Christians are really going through. And with so many attacks on Christianity nowadays, he says there is no single issue more urgent to the church than the plight of believers.

“We need to be praying continually for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world and learning more about how they are persecuted,” he says. “I encourage you to go to the theater and watch this film. It will change your perspective on what it means to follow Jesus, and your life will be changed as a result.”

The movie is not merely a collection of interviews. It also features the music of Todd Smith of the contemporary Christian music band Selah.

“The Insanity of God” will be released on Aug. 30, 2016.

Source: Christian Today


Bishop T.D. Jakes’ talk show to move to Oprah Winfrey Network


Bishop T.D. Jakes from The Potter House and talk show mogul Oprah Winfrey had a conversation after the latter’s network decided to air the church drama “Greenleaf.”

Winfrey was concerned that the show, which focuses on the megachurch run by the Greenleaf family, might offend Jakes because there are some comparisons that can be drawn between the fictional megachurch and Jakes’ own congregation.

Given the scandals and secrets being kept by the Greenleaf family, Winfrey did not want viewers to jump to the conclusion that Jakes’ own family and megachurch are the same. But now, it turns out Winfrey need not have been worried at all because Jakes gave the show his seal of approval.

It also seems like the two discussed more than just “Greenleaf” at the time because Jakes’ syndicated talk show will start airing on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) starting this September.

Jakes made the announcement through a video message posted on his Facebook page. “Every now and then you get an opportunity that makes you so excited you get goose pimples. That’s my attitude today,” he shares.

“We are going to reach you through OWN. The partnership has been done. The contract has been signed. All you got to do is hit the remote control and you can see me on OWN,” he continues.

Jakes’ talk show will make its premiere in 70 affiliates starting on Sept. 12, with OWN to debut the programme the following week on Sept. 19, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Oprah and OWN have a wonderful, long-running relationship with Bishop Jakes,” OWN president Erik Logan says in a statement. “We are thrilled to welcome his new talk show and unique, inspirational voice to the OWN family.”

As for Jakes, he calls Winfrey an “icon” who has become “a national treasure impacting our nation with her creativity. I consider her a personal friend and I’m honored to have her support in my new show.”

Source: Christian Today